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About Our Practice                                                           


Our office has a modern, inviting and tranquil decor with a comfortable ambiance.  Our computerized and fully chartless office enables us to schedule appointments chairside, offering additional convenience and added patient privacy while also being environmentally conscious.  

State of the Art diagnostics and technology that include Solea Laser Cavity Preparation, Single Appointment Computerized Cerec Crowns, minimally invasive 3D-Guided Implantology, Digital X-Rays, the Velscope Early Oral Cancer Detection System all enhance our ability to provide you with the very best care and attention.

We have wonderful, caring individuals on our staff who have a passion for helping our patients nuture their smiles.  We know that seeing a smile, being called by your name, being seen on time for your appointment, and having a comfortable experience are as important as the quality of care we provide. 

We are dedicated to providing care of an excellent standard for our patients.  Our practice has focused on bringing the latest dental technology to the northern corner of Dutchess County.  Dr. Mozer is committed to the practice of Minimally Invasive Dentistry techniques whenever possible.  We utilize digital radiography which allows us to take X-rays using 50-90% less radiation compared to conventional X-rays. Coupled with computer monitoring and dose-efficient DC x-ray units, digital x-ray technology allows us to enhance the images for better diagnosis of any dental concerns.  Digital x-rays not only enhances our diagnostic ability and is safer for our patients and staff than traditional film x-rays, but they are better for the environment as well.  Our practice is firmly committed to reducing its impact on the environment and have in place active and comprehensive recycling programs.  Our practice is pleased to be fully chartless (fully digital) dental offices which further reduces our waste and allows us to be better stewards of our fragile environment.