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Your First Visit to Our Practice  


Your first visit with Dr. Mozer typically includes a Comprehensive Oral Evaluation to asess the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue.  A review of all current fillings and restorations is an important part of the visit because constant pressure from chewing, grinding or clenching can cause them to wear, chip or fracture over time.  Any necessary Digital X-rays will be taken to allow the doctor to view the teeth, their roots and associated support structures. 

Our offices utilize a combination of Digital Radiography and Direct Current, or "DC" x-ray machines.  Since direct current is more uniform, the exposure times of x-rays can be greatly reduced.  This all means that your radiation exposure is reduced to a fraction of what is used with traditional film based x-rays.  The digital images can be viewed immediately on our chairside computers, and no processing chemicals are required.

Your initial visit also involves a thorough review of your medical history and an assessment of your gum tissue.  When you share your medical history with Dr. Mozer please be sure to provide complete and up-to-date information on your health.  Every day more and more connections are being made between your Oral Health and your Overall Health.  Studies have indicated that problems within your mouth can affect your overall health.  The opposite is also true.  It is important to detect dental problems early so that your mouth and your entire body remain healthy. Unhealthy gums are related to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and pregnancy complications such as preterm and low birthweight babies.  Inflammatory proteins can travel from your inflammed and bleeding gums into your bloodstream and affect vital organ systems. 

During your initial visit and on following checkups a Periodontal or gum tissue assessment will be made.  A Periodontal Probe with millimeter markings will be used to measure the depth of the sulcus or pocket around each tooth.  The depth of a healthy sulcus is 3 mm or less.  Generally, the deeper the pockets, the more severe the disease.  Digital x-rays will also be taken to evaluate the bone quality supporting the teeth and to detect other problems not visible during the clinical examination.

During your exam, Dr. Mozer or Dr.Cuttler will also screen for pre-cancerous changes in your oral tissues, head and neck.  Oral cancer detected at an early stage can be more successfully treated.  The doctors will check your head, neck and oral tissues for lumps, masses, growths, red and/or white patches and recurring sore areas.  A full screening with the VELSCOPE  Early Oral cancer Detection System will allow the doctors to visualize what may be hidden under the surface.